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Turbo scratcher cat scratch and bally toy. Circular scratch cardboard in the middle removed because shredded but replacement can be easily purchased online. Hours of fun :)
[PROMISED] This has been promised to some one. 1 bag regular cat litter (NOT clumping) and 2 bags Purina dry food.
yesterdayArlington, VA+11 milesFree StuffOfferedReport Listing
Books for Cat's Cradle & Chinese Jump rope. Do not have strings or ropes
Three level cat tower / tree or cat condo with included toys still attached. Includes multiple sisal scratching posts (can order replacements on Amazon, but most are still in decent condition). original post date: 2021-09-23
I have several packages of Stewart Fiber Formula cat treats. Preference given to anyone who has used these and really wants them -- don't want to send them to landfill. Note that the package says BEST BY June 2020. There are about 200 treats in each pkg. They are not a complete food and the manufacturer recommends feeding less than 20 treats per day for a ten pound cat. One package might last f...
I think it is cute and I got most of the red wine stains out of it. But decided to purchase a coupla new mats so am giving this one away Fair Offer Policy applies
32 pcs left of a package of 40. Red and green colors. Size small. Comes with adhesive, but not sure if it's still good.
This is a cheap cat tunnel toy. Our cat is scared of it and won't use it original post date: 2021-09-18
Used but in good condition Features one curved bed on top and one hollow cylinder below, connected by a scratching post. The cat tree is covered in beige/light caramel carpet material. Please, state the date and a 2-hour window for pickup. Thank you Isa
10 Cans (5.5 oz) Friskies PATE (Flavor is Country Style) Located in small apt bldg near metro contact-free porch pickup
18 cans (5.5.oz) Friskies EXTRA GRAVY PATE Flavors are 6 Turkey, 4 Chicken, 4 Salmon, 4 Tuna 18 Total cans Located in small apt bldg near metro contact-free porch pickup
Twelve packages (two ounces each) of Stewart Fiber Formula cat treats. Low calorie, low sodium, fish flavor. Note that the package says BEST BY June 2020. More info: Located in small apt bldg near metro contact-free porch pickup
12 cans of Fancy Feast PATE Four are salmon; Five are salmon and shrimp; AND the rest are one each of chicken, beef, & beef/liver. Total of 12 cans Located in small apt bldg near metro contact-free porch pickup
This USED, but clean one-story carepeted 2 ft cat tree has sturdy posts. The wrapped sisal rope scratching ramp needs to be REWRAPPED with sisal rope. (See picture of currrent condition.) Our inside-only cats were very healthy, had no dieases or fleas & enjoyed many years of climbing on it and using it for stretching, scratching, perching & cat-napping. Dimernsions 2ft 2in high, Base 13in x 2ft...
Cat litter box with door and 3 unopened bags of litter. We switched to a different setup for our cats. Fair Offer Policy applies
We bought this when we rescued a kitten and was one of two boxes. We quickly built a place for her in a cabinet.
Your cat will know how to use it. It is a bit dirty but functional.
Moving internationally so giving away the cat toys and scratcher my cat didn t take to. Also upgraded the carrier for one that s more sturdy for the flight, so giving away this one which was great for carry him to the vets etc. Please state when you can pick up.
days agoOlney, MD+22 milesFree StuffOfferedReport Listing
I have a 25 lb box of Fresh Step Multi-cat cat litter that we no longer need. original post date: 2021-09-07
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